SSRWA-2100 Automatic Rewinder Machine / capacity of 2100 wet wipes rolls/hour

SSRWA-2100 changing machine could be very versatile. It has capacity of 2100 rolls/hour
It can be utilized for manufacturing of wet wipes in rolled type in canisters, hand wipes in industrial tube, Baby and beauty moist wipes in useful packaging.

The machine takes the bobbin which is fitted with an air-bagged screw in to its correct place and has max. 1000 mm diameter by it 2s lifting components and replaces it into its locked mattress.
After preparation of rolls, which is completed manually, all of the work is completed with the PLC management panel. You can do all of the laws aside from the blade laws with the PLC panel software program which is correct for all males’s utilization.
The machine is designed in a capacity to do 5 tear off and peel operate in a minute in reducing off producing the group of 7 and 120 mm size. It equals to 2100 Wet Wipe in an hour.
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