Dachang Machinery DC200 Single Wet Wipe Machine

Contact : Joy Ye
Wechat/WhatsApp: +86-18750505370
Email: pleasure@qzdachang.cn

DC200 Single moist wipes machine
Speed: 150-200packs/min
Application: restaurant wipes, Cleaning wipes, girl wipes and so on.

Dachang skilled moist wipes machine specialist with 23 years’ expertise in moist wipes equipment.

Offer every kind of moist wipes manufacturing resolution .
1. Single Wet Wipe machine (Application in restaurant wipe, airline wipe, girl wipe and so on)

2. 5-30pcs/pack moist wipes machine (Application In Portable moist wipes , girl wipes, sneakers wipes , Baby wipes and so on)

3. 40-120pcs/pack moist wipes machine
(Application In Baby wipes, kitchen wipes, hospital wipes , Aolchol wipes and so on. )

4. Canister wipes manufacturing tools
( Application In kitchen wipes , hospital wipes , Baby wipes and so on)

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