How are wet wipes manufactured? -Wet wipes production line

How are wet wipes manufactured? Mainly embrace fold, wetting, slicing, counting, packaging,and so on.

The detailed steps are as follows:
(1) Non-woven cloth: According to the standard of various non-woven materials, modify the tape pressure to make sure that the tape pressure meets the wants of the conventional operation of the wet wipes production line.
(2) Vertical folding: Fold the tape, and the folded measurement may be adjusted in response to precise wants.
(3) Add answer: Add answer evenly.
(4) Horizontal slitting: After slitting, the wet wipes have neat edges and no burrs.
(5) Horizontal folding: neatly folded and centered.
(6) Packing: Different packaging machines may be configured in response to the packaging necessities of various prospects.

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