2+2 blow molding machine on production of wet wipe plastic Canister bucket with autorobot

This video exhibits our DKB5L Extrusion blow molding machine works on production of wet weipe plastic canisters. the machine parameter as under:

Screw Diameter mm 70
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 26:1
Extrusion motor KW 30
Oil stress motor KW 15
Screw rotate pace R.P.M 10-75
Screw heating zone Parts 6
Heating energy KW 20
Parison motor possibility KW
Extruding Capacity HDPE kg/h Approx.85-90
Mold Center Distance mm 80/120/130/150/180/220
platen distance mm 180-550
mould motion stroke mm 490
Length vary of mould mm 150-380
Width vary of mould mm 150-450
Thickness vary of mould mm 180-250
Dry Circle time s 3.7
Mold-locked stress Ton 9
Oil tank Volume L 200
Air Pressure kg/cm2 6-8
Air Volume m3/min 0.8
Cooling water stress mpa 0.3-0.5
Cooling water consumption L/min 60
Min./Max. diameter of product mm 40-300
Weight of product g 30-300
Volume of product L 0.1-6
Total energy consumption kw 65
Average energy consumption kw Approx.25-38
Net weight of machine ton 9
Gross weight of machine ton 9.2
machine dimension (L*W*H) m3 4.1*2.3*2.9

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