LC-PM100 automatic WET WIPES Reciprocating packing machine with double labeling- luchuang machinery


High pace moist wipes packaging machine with good high quality from Luchuang, China prime 3 producer of moist wipes machine industrial

Technical Parameters
Packing model: Automatic packing machine full servo reciprocating
Open gap Labeling: Synchronization Open gap Single Labeling
Packing fim specification: Single packaging movie Max diameter380mm
Packing movie connection: Artificial roll altering
Package measurement: L100- 330mm, W95- 140mm, H10-90mm
Production pace: 10-100bags/min
Power: AC380V 50/60Hz 8KW
Overall dimensions: L5500 x W1000 x H2200mm
machine net weight: 1200kg
machine Characteristic
Control system: Multi- Axis Motion Controller&PLC
Drive component: Servo motor
Operate interface: 8″LCD contact display screen
End warmth seal: Vertical seal servo motor
End seal reciprocation: servo motor
Film feeding: servo motor
Pushrod feeding: servo motor
Label tapping: servo motor
Option gear
Coding machine
Double Labeling machine

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