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Conveying versatile chain:
Connect the front-end packaging gear or capping machine
Automatic unpacking machine:
– commonplace massive carton – velocity:6-10 cartons / min, cartonsize: L250~500*W150-400 * h100-400mm(the velocity isrelated to the field)
– e-commerce small box- velocity: 20-25 bins / min, cartonsize: L200 ~300*W150-200* h100-150mm(velocity relatedto field)
Reversing conveyor:
Side and paperback, Max120 luggage / min
Material dealing with conveyor:
Synchronous entire prepare, facet standing or horizontal,Max120 / min
Pushing manipulator:
Simultaneously push out wet wipes for packing, 25-40 occasions / min

Synchronous suction cup grabbing and packing, designed
Packing robotic
with package deal dropping, package deal lacking and materialdischarging capabilities (to stop materials blockage)
Slotted sealing machine
Cover folding sealing machine, sealing velocity 5-12boxes / min
Packing sort
Single row: 2-5 luggage (Paperback & Side), double row:2* (2-4) luggage (Paperback & Side)
space coated
Power necessities
AC380V 50/6OHz 6Kw
Air supply requirements0.6-0.8Mpa.330L/min
Net weight of machine
About 1500kg

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